Ali & Dylan

My cousin Ali met Dylan in high school, as he was actually her older brother’s close friend.  Dylan always thought of Ali as Brian’s little sister, until they ran into each other years later at a bar in LA.  Ali took the first step, reaching out to Dylan on facebook after their run-in, and the rest is history.      

Maya Myers Photography


Ali and Dylan wanted a simple, elegant Ketubah design, with flowers bordering the text.  Dylan’s special nickname for Ali is owl, so as a surprise, Ali’s mom, Margie, requested that I add in two Owl love birds.  I knew how much Ali and Dylan would love the owls, and had so much fun being in on the surprise.  They even decided not to open their Ketubah until their wedding day at the Ketubah signing ceremony.  I will always remember the expressions of shock, love and joy on their faces when they saw the finished piece and noticed their love Owls snuggled up on one of the green leaves.