Michelle & Scott

Michelle, my second older sister, married Scott just three short months after Linda and Sean’s wedding.  Not only did I have the honor of painting their Ketubah, but I also had so much fun designing their wedding invitation too!

Michelle and Scott met as Freshmen studying at the University of Pennsylvania. Their relationship began as best friends and grew from there.  They dated through many life transitions, from graduating college to first jobs in New York to moving across the country to Los Angeles.  After 6 years together, Scott surprised Michelle at our family’s home in Encino by proposing under an intimate and romantic gazebo in the backyard.  Both families were standing by waiting for Michelle to say yes and for the celebrations to begin.


Michelle and Scott wanted their wedding invitation to be unique and meaningful to them.  They asked me to recreate their proposal scene of the backyard gazebo.  As you can see above, I drew an ink line drawing that was delicately painted with a watercolor wash of Scott on one knee in the gazebo asking Michelle to be his wife.  I worked together with Jessica Creter from Tulaloo Stationery Studio to help package the drawing into the final wedding invitation suite.

Made in collaboration with Jessica Creter of Tulalloo Stationary Studio / Maya Myers Photography


Anyone that knows Michelle knows just how much she loves hearts.  So, of course, Michelle and Scott had to surround their marriage document with the heart-shaped symbol of love.  They wanted a tree of life that once began as separate roots but then merged together to form one beautiful tree.  Their Ketubah symbolizes their once individual paths that then intertwined to create a greater whole.  Michelle and Scott also wrote their own Ketubah text, promising their commitment to one another.  Their love tree is rich with pomegranates to symbolize the 613 mitzvot (commandments) from the Torah and the righteousness of their marriage to one another.