Comments and feedback from some Rabbis & Officiants 


Rabbi Irwin Kula

“Karin Cole understands that the design of a ketubah is a sacred process. She has the unique ability to combine a richly Jewish aesthetic and serious artistic talent with the profound capacity to deeply listen to a couple's story. The product of this alchemy is a ketubah that is enchanting - a work of the heart, mind, and spirit that reflects the intimacy of a couple and the depth of an ancient tradition - a holy document that will indeed hang in a couple's home for a lifetime.” 

- President of Clal- The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership

Rabbi Zach Shapiro

"A Ketubah combines the universal covenant of marriage with the personalized language, art, and spirit that is unique to each couple.  Karin Cole engages with couples, connecting timelessness with individual souls.  I have had the honor of signing two of her ketubot (one of which was the one she created for her own wedding!) Joyful tears of wonder poured from the souls of every guest as we presented the interplay of art and text.  Karin is a treasure.  And she will work to create an everlasting covenant for you."

- Temple Akiba, Culver City


Jenna Marine Ketubah.jpg

Rabbi ed Feinstein

"What is more beautiful, in all God's creation, than the love of newlyweds as they begin a lifetime together? It takes a deep and soulful artist to capture and express that love in all its wonder and splendor in visual images. Karin Cole is that very rare artist. A loving couple creates a world of light in the magical space they share. That holy light and all the joy it brings is reflected in Karin's creations. Her ketubah's are treasures; a precious reflection of her loving sensitivity, skill and creativity."

- Senior Rabbi, Valley Beth Shalom, Encino