Comments and feedback from some clients


Michelle & Scott

“Working with Karin was a dream! We knew that we wanted a Ketubah design that incorporated the roots of two different trees merging into one tree of love.  But, Karin's design and finished product exceeded our expectations.  She made the process seamless, coordinating with the calligrapher, sending us drafts of the design for feedback, and truly bringing our vision to life.  The details of the trees and the colors are just exquisite.  With prime placement in our home, we admire our Ketubah daily and get compliments from visitors all of the time.  It's particularly meaningful that our Ketubah was created by my sister with so much love, thought and attention to who we are as a couple.  We feel so fortunate to cherish our Ketubah for all of the years to come.”  

Ali & Dylan

"I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful and meaningful Ketubah designed and painted by Karin. She made the process flawless and allowed me to only worry about wedding planning. She sent me some suggestions of her previous work and gave some ideas and I also sent her some inspiration before she began to sketch out some options. She sent me pictures of 3 or 4 sketches of ideas before confirming the official layout and proceeding to paint. I trusted Karin would make it amazing regardless of any approval but appreciated that she wanted to make sure we absolutely loved it. The best part was Karin had worked with my Mom and added a special touch to the Ketubah of 2 owls as a surprise since my husband calls me "Owl". The beautiful Ketubah is currently hanging in our living room for all to see!"


“We could not be more in love with our customized Ketubah that Karin created for us. Seeing it in person for the first time at our wedding brought tears to our eyes, our parents’ eyes, and all the family and friends surrounding us at that special unforgettable moment when it was unveiled. The design was so meaningful to us because Karin took the time to work with us and incorporate aspects of our relationship into her artwork, such as the ocean and sand (we got engaged on the beach), and 4 hummingbirds to represent each of our 4 sets of grandparents who were there in spirit. Every time we look at our exquisite Ketubah, we are brought back to that once in a lifetime day, filled with warmth and love. 

 Working with Karin was an absolute pleasure. We had an initial conversation about some ideas we had for the design, and she showed us plenty of examples that she has completed to seek inspiration from. Once the design process started, Karin sent us photos of each stage of the process so that we could share any feedback. (Every time our feedback was simply: this is the most beautiful Ketubah we've ever seen!) I would highly recommend Karin for anyone looking for a gorgeous piece of art Ketubah filled with meaning that you will be proud and excited to hang in your home for the rest of your life. When my sisters get married, I know they will want to use Karin as well.” 


“Hi Karin,

I wanted to share some of our appreciation for the beautiful Ketubah you made us for our wedding in Santa Barbara :)

Karin painted our beautiful Ketubah centered around the Belmond El Encanto lily pond where we had our ceremony on April 10th, 2016.

I loved the personalization Karin and the Alpert's put into their weddings and I immediately wanted to copy her on all her details( I even took the detail of embroidery her parents and grandparents wedding dates into her dress and did the same for mine!).

I always appreciated how beautiful Karin's artwork was throughout our art school days together at the University of Michigan.My two sisters asked Karin to do this for me as their gift to me for my wedding. The lily pond is a special part of our wedding and because of that I wanted the lily ponds to surround our signatures and be the key motif of our marriage license.

I couldn't thank Kar enough for the most beautiful framed artwork I have in my home.

Thanks so much for all your care and attention and being our Ketubah signer as well. We loved having you apart of our special day.


Chloe and MIke Fabiani”

Linda & SEAN

“Working with Karin on our Ketubah was such a special experience. She took the time to listen to our vision. But more than listen, Karin incorporated our meaningful details in such a beautiful way. Our Ketubah is more than we could have ever dreamed for the beautiful piece of art that represents the most memorable day in our lives. Karin’s love of art is felt in each detail.”

sharon & miles

“The Ketubah is not just your wedding contract, but a lasting reminder of the most important day in your life and your commitment to one another, and Karin truly gives your Ketubah the attention and thought it deserves. She customizes every step of the process - from the original concept to the language you choose to the number of witnesses you honor to the colors and details of the painting itself. She worked with us to incorporate both Hebrew and English texts of our choice into a gorgeous recreation of our mountaintop Chuppah. Karin is incredibly professional, patient and thoughtful. You can tell from speaking to her about your Ketubah how much love and care she puts into designing it for you. Combine her amazing artistic talent with an extremely talented calligrapher - and you will end up with the most beautiful, meaningful, one-of-kind work of art that is unique to you, symbolic of your marriage and a memory for the rest of your life.”