Linda & Sean


Linda and Sean’s Ketubah was my first!  Linda, my oldest sister, honored me with this meaningful request - to help her and Sean create and design a Ketubah that was personal to them.  They wanted to include images with special significance, and a work of art that they would enjoy seeing in their home every day.

Linda and Sean met while working at Wolfgang Puck catering.  They are both foodies, and their wedding reflected their deep passion for food with a farm to table atmosphere. Every aspect of their wedding was well thought out to reflect their personalities, interests, and relationship, including their Ketubah.

 Maya Myers Photography

Linda and Sean wrote the text of their Ketubah together and had their close friend from Israel translate it into Hebrew.  While Sean is not Jewish, together Linda and Sean were able to create their own connection to their Ketubah, revitalized the old tradition to fit them as a modern day interfaith couple.  Linda and Sean asked for a tree of life design, for the word Ahava (Love in Hebrew) to be written into the roots of the tree, and to include a hummingbird to remember our Zeide (grandfather), a Holocaust survivor who had passed away years ago.  They also asked to include pomegranates in the tree, commonly seen in Jewish art as a symbol of the 613 mitzvot (commandments) from the Torah.  Because of their abundance of seeds, pomegranates are considered a symbol of righteousness and fruitfulness.