Frequently Asked Questions

How long Will it take to get my Ketubah?

  • For a custom Ketubah, please contact Karin at least four months prior to your wedding date.  To purchase a print of an existing Ketubah design, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

What type of paper do you use?

  • Each Ketubah is painted on Stonehenge paper, which is machine made in the U.S. from 100% cotton fibers. It is a traditional fine art paper with a smooth flawless surface that is slightly mottled to resemble vellum. Stonehenge is museum quality, acid-free print paper with two deckle edges. The paper comes in several colors - White, Warm White, Polar White, Pale Blue, Natural, Kraft, Pearl Gray, Fawn and Cream.

What type of paint do you use?

  • All of our Ketubot are painted with Gouache paints, opaque watercolors that allow paint to be applied in layers from light to dark. Gouache dries to a matte finish, so there is no glossy shine or light glare off the painting. This paint is known for its smooth, even flow and its ability to glide across the page, resulting in a flat, non-streaky finish. Due to the quality and concentration of the pigments, the brilliance of color is bold and vibrant.

how big will my Ketubah be?

  • Our Ketubot are sold in two sizes, 15in. x 22in. or 22in. x 30in. The size of your Ketubah will depend on the length of your text and your design. If you have a certain size in mind, please share the dimensions during our initial conversation so we can ensure your text and design work for your desired size.

Is framing included?

  • Framing is not included. However, I am happy to recommend high-quality framing options. All Ketubot are delivered in a clear plastic sleeve inside a sturdy hard cover portfolio board for safe and easy transport and display during your wedding ceremony.

What is the cost of shipping?

  • Shipping cost will be determined based on your Ketubah dimensions and shipping location. All Ketubot are shipped via FedEx with tracking and insurance coverage.

What if a Rabbi isn’t marrying us?

  • You can still order a Ketubah from Karin Cole Designs with one of our pre-written and Rabbi-approved Ketubah texts. We’ll still need your personal information and wedding details, unless you decide to order one of our pre-written stock template texts with blanks to fill in on your own.

What if we have our own custom English text but don’t speak Hebrew? Do you offer translation?

  • We recommend that you ask your Rabbi for a referral for translation and have your Ketubah text approved by your Rabbi prior to sending it to us. We do have an on-site consultant who can translate your English text to Hebrew, but still recommend securing your Rabbi’s approval.

What if one of us isn’t Jewish? What name do we use for the Hebrew portion?

  • We recommend that you discuss this with your Rabbi. We also have an on-site consultant who can translate English names into Hebrew letters.

What if we are a same-sex couple? Can we still order and create a custom Ketubah?

  • Of course! I would love to work together to create a Ketubah that best represents your relationship and craft language that best suits you as a couple. We do recommend having your text approved by your Rabbi prior to beginning design.  

How many witness signatures can we have?

  • The minimum requirement is two witnesses, but many couples choose to have more. We require having your Rabbi approve your number of witnesses.

Who can be witnesses?

  • Non-relative friends can be witnesses. Some Rabbis require that your witnesses be Jewish and can sign the Ketubah in Hebrew, but this depends on your Rabbi’s preferences.

Do I need a special pen to sign the Ketubah?

  • No - you do not need a special pen. However, we highly recommend you test the pen on a separate paper beforehand to ensure it doesn’t bleed or leak.

How much is a custom Ketubah?

  • A custom Ketubah ranges between $800-$1500 depending on the size and design concept.

How much is a Ketubah print?

  • A  Ketubah print ranges between $350-$500 depending on the design and size.

How much is a ketubah print with custom text?

  • A Ketubah print with custom text ranges between $400-$600 depending on the design, size and length of the text.

Do you do other art pieces besides Ketubot?

  • Yes! Karin will happily work with you to design your invitation, logo or any other touches to make your special day personal to you and your story. Karin is also available for custom art pieces of any kind.  Check out the art gallery for some examples. 


If you have any other questions, please contact Karin at Thank you!